torsdag den 27. august 2015

The Indiesew Fall Collection Tour

Just the other day Indiesew launched their Fall Collection 2015 which includes 5 patterns.

This lucky dame has been invited on the Indiesew Fall Collection Tour and has chosen to work with the Cabin Dress pattern

The pattern includes both a dress and a blouse version. I give you the 'Floral Silk Cabin Blouse - gathered not pleated' (how I wish I could get Sean Connery to say this: 'Gathered - not pleated')

I adore me a good pleat - but I also love me a good gather, so I tried this simple alteration to the pattern and it worked out just as I had hoped and imagined. I also lengthened both front and back a bit and curved the hemline. Very simple alterations indeed. Furthermore I skipped the bias tape hemming and did a narrow hem on both sleeves and bodice and drafted a facing for the neck. 

I am somewhere between the Cabin size 8 and 10. Based on the finished measurements I made the size 8 and the fit is great. 

I'm very pleased with the outcome. Elegant and comfy. Very pleased indeed. 

The silk is from Stofdepotet - sold out I'm afraid. 


Here's the rest of the Fall Collection Sewing Team - be sure to stop by and show those talented ladies some love.

Monday, August 24th: Lauren | Right Sides Together
Tuesday, August 25th: Lori | Girls in the Garden
Wednesday, August 26th: Kimberly | Straight Stitch Designs
Thursday, August 27th: Trine | Groovy Baby and Mama
Friday, August 28th: Taylor | Blueprints for Sewing
Monday, August 31st: Erin | Sewbon
Tuesday, September 1st: Elena | Randomly Happy
Wednesday, September 2nd: Tara | Girl Like the Sea
Thursday, September 3rd: Lola | Love Lola

tirsdag den 11. august 2015

The Pirate Princess // Japansese Sewing Books

It's no secret that I have a soft spot for Japanese sewing books/patterns. I'm attracted to the often simple and easy to wear yet imo beautiful and elegant Japanese clothing style. 

Therefore I didn't hesitate to accept when Tuttle Publishing asked if I would be interested in reviewing some of their English translated Japanese pattern books. 

It's not the first time I use Japanese patterns for children's clothes. I remember when I first tried a Japanese pattern - I was worried that the fit wouldn't be great for my tall and slender kids. Surprisingly I found the pattern/fit to be equal to European sizes and not small/short at all as I would have expected. I can't say that this goes for every Japanese sewing pattern but it was also the case with the two patterns I've used for this outfit below. 

The pattern for the top is design g 'Tiered Blouse' from the book 'Happy Homemade: Sew Chic Kids'. 4 pattern pieces and a ribbon and then you have the most adorable blouse! I mean - just look at that blouse. I love it. The fabric is a soft, gray chambray from The Sweet Mercerie

There are 20 different designs in this book from sizes 2-8. Wilma is a European size 9 or 10 (140) but the size 8 from this book is absolutely not to small for her. I made the top a little while ago and I might have lengthened it a bit but honestly I can't remember. That's the only alteration if any. A while back I made Bertram shorts based on a pattern from the same book. He's also a European size 10 but the size 8 from this book is spot on!

Most of the designs from the book are pretty simple - some are a little more challenging, but you are guaranteed at great outcome no matter which pattern you choose, I'm sure of that. 

The bermudas are based on 'Basic Pattern 4' from the book 'Sewing for your girls'. This is as simple as it gets! Two front pieces and two back pieces and there you have it. I did change the pattern a bit and added a separate waistband instead of just folding down the top of the pants to create a casing for the elastic as suggested. Just my personal preference. This book is a a little different from the other Japanse sewing books I have. This book has 8 basic patterns and 7 applied patterns to make variations of the basics. You are guided through every single design and all techniques used in the book; how to sew on a button, how to make double-folded and single-folded edging, how to create at back opening etc. A great and very detailed book. I probably chose the easiest design from the book but I really wanted to make some sweet, simple (pirate) shorts to go with the top. In fact it was Wilma who chose the shorts. I also suggested a skirt, but she wanted shorts, so shorts she got! Fabric from 

I love how this outfit turned out. Wilma is pretty pleased as well.  



mandag den 3. august 2015

The Anna Dress

It all started with a party. A virtual instagram party that is. 3 talented seamstresses decided to throw a party to celebrate the popular 'Anna' dress pattern designed by By Hand London.

Anna is not a newly released pattern. She's been all over the www for the last couple of years. A simple yet super flattering dress with kimono sleeves and double bust darts. You can choose to do a midi length or as I have done here a maxi version.

The 'International Anna Party' was the push I needed to make this dress. I've had the pattern in my stash for two years now!

The dress itself is not difficult to make - but when you choose a dreamy but shifty silk velvet for your dress you need all the patience in the world! This make included a lot of pins and swearing!!

However, I love the outcome. It's got some serious diva vibe, right? Now I just need a red carpet invitation. And some cocktails. Lots and lots of cocktails.

Dress: Anna//By Hand London
Fabric: Silk velvet (silkevelour) from Stofdepotet

mandag den 6. juli 2015

The Sew What Club // Lyon Dress

My friend Kelly of Sewing In No Mans Land has just launched an amazing new online club.

Sew What Club is a fun new way to get the newest patterns from your favorite designers right in your in box every month, patterns that you can't get anywhere else. It is a fantastic group of designers, some of which have been designing patterns for years and others are great bloggers who have never shared their patterns before! Guess what! Yours truly is in the 'others' category. I'm officially going to be a pattern designer. Happy dance.  

There are 2 options, women's patterns or children's patterns or you can do both! First there is the super affordable low monthly price or a discounted annual price. Every month with the children's patterns option you will be sent two downloadable PDF patterns, one on the first of the month and one on the fifteenth. They will be from Kelly Crawford of Sewing In No Mans Land and from a featured guest designer (like myself or one of the fantastic women at the websites above). If you decide you want to focus on sewing for yourself this year and choose the women's subscription, each month you will be sent an exclusive women's pattern created by either Kelly or one of the guest designers (sizing information is available on the website).

Along with the monthly patterns, members will receive additional sewing project patterns in their monthly member newsletter. You will also be able to participate in the monthly social media events with really great prizes from fabric, pattern and crafting companies, all just for sewing up that months pattern and sharing your creation on your favorite media site (blog, IG, FB, Twitter etc). You can find all the detailed information on the Sew What Club website. 

Let me present one of the patterns from this first month. This is the Lyon Dress which will be availabe on the fifteenth of July. I've modified the pattern a little bit. The original Lyon comes with a cute flared skirt. I've taken a bit of the width and curved the hem. I've also lengthened the sleeves about an inch. That's it. It's easy to sew, comfortable to wear (Wilma says), and super adorable to look at. Go grab the pattern. The fabric is from Stofdepotet (sold out I'm afraid) 



Below you'll se a couple of photos of the original Lyon as designed by the amazing Kelly of Sewing In No Mans Land.

And here's the other pattern included in July's subscription. The adorable Annecy Dress also designed by Kelly.

And look at this beauty! Kelly is wearing the Lille dress which is included in the July edition of the women's patterns subscription. I'm definetely going to try this pattern as well. Gorgeous!. 

And here's the Sew What Club gang. Can't wait to see what all of these amazing ladies will be designing for the club. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 9.51.17 PM

torsdag den 2. juli 2015

The Mini Southport Dress

Once again I've had the privilege of beeing a pattern tester for True Bias. This time the talented young lady is spoiling us with a pattern for girl's clothes - The Mini Southport Dress pattern.

The Mini Southport is designed with a button opening at centre front and a combination elastic and drawstring waist. The neck and armholes are finished with bias tape. The dress is designed to hit a little above the knee.

My tester dress is a simplified version of the Mini Southport Dress as I've omitted the button opening. My machine just won't do buttonholes anymore. It also coughs a lot. And skip stitches. Perhaps she's trying to tell me something?!

When skipping the front opening I believe that you need to use some sort of stretchy fabric to make sure that the dress will be able to pull over the child's head - but honestly I'm not sure if that's necessary. I haven't tested in a woven fabric, though. I also lengthened the dress a bit.

So, here you go - a leopard printed jersey pull over version of the Mini Southport Dress. As always Kelli makes great instructions so you'll be guided through every little step. To make a pull over dress you just place the centre front - it is marked on the pattern - at fold. This is not explained in Kelly's instructions but it's easy peasy. You might want to consider going down a size if you make it in a knit fabric.

You did it again Kelli. Created an awesome pattern. I think I'm going to love this (almost) as much as your Mini Hudson's.

Until tomorrow you can get a $2 discount on the Mini Southport Dress pattern with the code LAUNCHWEEK.

Happy sewing.


lørdag den 27. juni 2015

Ella Top & Burda 6770 pants

The Ella Top designed by Liola Patterns is not your average tank top pattern. This little number has a several cute details; the bust darts, the back yoke, a little pleat at the back and neck- and armhole binding. And of course finished with french seams.

I did raise the neckline a tiny bit - 2 cm or so - apart from that no changes were made to the pattern during construction. For me the fit is spot on. No gaping, pulling or anything. Just perfect. That makes me an average size L in Liola Patterns sizing I guess. I will definetely be making more of these. I'm dreaming of a silk version. Perhaps I will try widening the back yoke a bit as my bra straps are showing. Not that it matters that much to me.

It's a really quick and easy make with a professional finish. The instructions are super, thorough and easy to follow.

Head on over to Indiesew if you need inspiration for your own Ella.

The pants are Burda 6770 - loose fitting pull on pants with pleats. My kind of pants. I added about 7 cm to the length. I'm really, really in love with these. Perhaps the best loose fitting pants I've ever sewn. I went down a size compared to what I would normally make for myself. These are really roomy and loose fitting but Burda has been kind enough to add the finished garment measurements to the pattern so I advice you to take a look at those before you decide on which size to make.

The lovely fabric is a navy blue almost black medium weight poly crepe from Stofdepotet. The drape is fantastic!

I was sponsored the Ella Top pattern by Indiesew as a member of their blogger team. The review is however completely me-provided!


onsdag den 17. juni 2015

Nani Iro Month 2015 // The Aeolian Dress

Last June I was so lucky to be invited on the Nani Iro Month Tour hosted by Miss Matatabi.

Never in a million years had I imagined that I would be asked to join the party again - but here I am rocking it with the Queen of Nani Iro Fabrics for Nani Iro Month 2015. Thank you so, so much Frances//Miss Matatabi, you're the best.

At the time I'm writing this Miss Matatabi stocks 99 different Nani Iro items. 99  you guys. That's pretty amazing, huh?

Unfortunately the double gauze fabric I've used for my creation below - the Nani Iro Jewel Song Yozora - seems to be out of stock. I don't know if it'll be re-stocked, sorry.

But, I do get why it's sold out. It's freakin' amazing is what it is. Super soft double gauze in a deep charcoal/ink blue-ish color with metallic dots. Truly fab!

It's no secret that I'm a sucker for so called sack dresses. I've sewn and shown you several of these - but this one is a little different from what I've made before.

May I present The Aeolian T-Shirt Dress designed by Pattern Fantastique. The pattern is designed for knits but works perfectly for woven fabrics as well as you can see. The original pattern comes with short box-shaped raglan sleeves. Mine still has the boxy sleeves but I extended them as well as took them in a bit. I do so love me an elbow length sleeve. The sleeves also look cool rolled up a bit. I'm going to wear this dress to pieces!!

Another cool thing about this pattern is that it comes with different lengths. I chose the calf length version. It's supposed to have a super deep and flattering 8 cm hem at the bottom but as I am almost 180 cm tall I had to settle for a less deep hem to keep the length I was after. Oh, I also added a couple of small slits at the side seams.

As you can tell from the 'leggings under the dress' look the Danish summer hasn't been all that summery so far. But, who cares when you got a brand new amazing Nani Iro dress?! Okay, I would prefer sun and Nani Iro. A lot of both, please. Yessir. Over and out.